A few days ago I found abandoned on the cold streets a little kitten (3 weeks old), skinny and cold and I couldn’t  resist to don’t bring him home. I knew what to expect from him, but here is my list for you, who didn’t have a little kitten before:

  1. He will climb your curtains as a tree
  2. Will scratch your carpet
  3. Will pee in bed
  4. Will mess around with milk and food
  5. Will wake you up very early in the morning to play
  6. He will follow you everywhere and sit on your lap even when you eat
  7. Will sleep with you in bed to warm up
  8. Will purr loud
  9. Will mew a lot (like a baby)
  10. Will climb on your legs when he wants a hug
  11. Will follow other animals to play with them
  12. Will stay on your shoulder like a parrot
  13. Will be the cutest thing on the planet 🙂
  14. Will love you unconditionally
  15. Don’t care if your breath smells in the morning

Better adopt then shop!

Visit your local shelter and rescue a life today!

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