What I found out about money, wealth and ego – This can change your life

Yesterday night I was sitting in my bathtub relaxing in hot water and not thinking about anything, just relaxing my body and mind. And suddenly something came into my mind.

You will get money and wealth when you will make your ego sit down otherwise you will remain poor until you will learn to control your ego. And I have the perfect example for this in my life.

I have a friend that have a house and a nice car and a hard working wife but they don’t have enough money to fix the problems of the car and finish the interior of their house. And here is why.

The man got some designer clothes from other friends and instead of just appreciating the giving act of his friends and the quality of the clothes, he keeps opening the jackets to show others that he got expensive clothes. This action is ego. 

If he would had the money he wanted he would be too arrogant and full of himself and let the ego take control of his life, so the only way to stay grounded is to be “poor”, that’s how the universe make things work and help you.

Even if you are a millionaire you are not better that others. Everyone is good at what they meant to be and do so everyone is unique and good at his own thing.


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