How I managed to never smoke despite temptation – You can do this too

I’ve seen classmates from my 7th grade start smoking and they tried to convince me to try it but I said NO. I never said no because I was afraid of my parents. My mother always told me that if I ever start smoking I have no reason to hide, but because she is not a smoker I had to smoke on the balcony not inside the house.

I finished elementary school and started high school, when my classmates heard I don’t smoke was a big surprise for them and the next question was “Did you ever tried smoking?”  and my answer was “No.” , then they asked me “Would you like to try it?” and I said “No.” again. And they were curious to find out why I don’t want to even try it, to see how it is and my reason was very simple: is useless to spend money on cigarettes, they don’t do any good to your health, they don’t taste good, it is expensive + I don’t like the smell. Here my classmates were agree with me but they still choose to smoke. When I graduate I was the only one who don’t smoke.

My grandfather smoked a big part of his life until he had a brain stroke (7 years ago – RIP) and I had the chance to see the real life of a smoker when I spend my summer vacation at my grandparents’ house. The money were never enough because of spending it on cigarettes, you will always want more cigarettes, it will keep you from working because you need a break to smoke.

And I had the example of not smoking from my mother and grandmother. With the money you save from not smoking you can buy clothes, accessories, food, books, little treats for your soul. And I choose to follow this example.

You smoke when you wake up, after every meal, during your work, after dinner, after sex, this is when you know you are addicted to cigarettes and they start taking control of your life and you have to stop it. Instead of buying cigarettes you can buy a book. 

It past 10 years since grade 7th and not smoking helped me saved $13.687, if I would smoke 1 pack a day that’s the amount I should spend only on cigarettes.

Because I never smoked I can’t tell you how to quit smoking, you are the only one who know how to quit. Look inside you and say STOP!


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