How to do shopping therapy without spending a fortune

Every time I heard someone on TV saying shopping therapy I always said “I’m not rich enough to afford shopping therapy to get rid of the stress”.  So I stayed home stressing all day because I can’t “afford” shopping therapy and lately I realize that shopping therapy doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune to feel good, you don’t have to buy Chanel or Louis Vuitton bags.

I felt the need to buy a little gift for myself, but a gift that I could afford, so I entered into those little boutiques or chinese stores that have lower prices and actually fair  prices. I knew downtown was a jewelry shop with fair and small prices so I thought I should visit them, not necessary to buy something but to see something beautiful, but it happens to find a cute silver 925 with zirconia ring at only $9.5 and a ring like this you usually find it at least for $37.5. The ring have a big zirconia in the center and around 30 small zirconias all around it in a marquise shape.And I have it for a few months now and no stone fall out.

I like silver jewelries and I’m looking for designs that I can wear it everyday, I remove my jewelries only when I take a shower or bath.

I also have titanium and stainless steel jewelries because I like that jewelry piece and that was the amount I could afford at that moment. I have stainless steel rings that cost $1.25-$2. In time I made a pretty big collection of jewelry that didn’t cost me a fortune.

So shopping therapy means to buy something for yourself at the budget you afford, so a $2 ring is very affordable and it will make you feel good and proud, instead of guilty for spending a fortune and remain broke.


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