How I get rid of the fat on my abdomen without exercises, just eating

I’m sure you will think this is another scam to make you buy products that will the work for you. Is not that type of post! Continue reading to find out.

You see on internet a lot of ads promising you to have a fat abdomen drinking different kind of tea and eating pills that actually don’t work and are expensive.

I used to eat a lot of sweets, chocolate, cake, cookies, candies, but when my mother got sick and she wasn’t allowed to eat sweets in order to be alive. I bought a lot of fruits and I thought it would be disrespectful to have cake in the fridge just for me while she can’t even taste it, so every time I felt the need of sugar I  eat a banana or other fruits. I realize I didn’t lose weight (I didn’t need to lose weight) but I lost an important quantity of fat from my abdomen.

If you want to have a flat abdomen this is the right method for you, but if you want the 6 packs you will need to go to the gym.



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