A wedding planner keeps the bride focused on what she needs to accomplish. This simple book also keeps everything the bride has planned in one safe spot. Keeping things neat and together is a wonderful way to keep the bride-to-be stress-free. It’s much easier and a lot of fun to make your own planner, you can also make it personal to you and your husband-to-be.



  1. Purchase a three ring binder, construction paper, clear paper protectors, and divider tabs (optional).
  2. Print a checklist of all the things that need to be accomplished before the wedding date.
  3. To make more personal, find pictures relating to the subjects on the checklist and print them out.
  4. Take the construction paper and cut it into the size of the paper protectors, if it’s not already.
  5. Use a word document on the computer, make the font big and type out the subjects on the checklist. Example- “The Cake.” “Bridesmaid and Groomsmen.” Then print.
  6. Print out the subjects and the pictures to match and tape or glue on to the construction paper.
  7. On the back of the construction paper tape the check list portion that involves that subject.
  8. Put them in any order desired into the paper protectors and then into the three ringed binder.
  9. If a cover for the binder is desired, print out pictures and tape them to the construction paper as well, and then slip it in to the binder cover.
  10. When looking at a particular subject, you can see what needs to be done and achieved. If you have ideas for the cake, or the reception, print them out and slip them into another paper protector and put it into the binder behind the appropriate subject.

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