Internet is booming about Kim’s new family video released on her website. I wanted to check my e-mails and the front page is full of articles from different sites talking about her video. Then I login into my Instagram (@allyxoxoblog ⇒ Follow) and pieces of that video were everywhere.

I decided to go to her website and see what she post besides that video that went viral and let’s be honest, it’s a video with a mother, father and their children, everyone have these types of videos, of course you film your baby’s first steps and fun times in vacations. She didn’t post anything special, the only difference is that she live in a bigger house than most of us do.

Now back when I visited her site. That video is huge (full screen) and you have to click the logo (KKW) to see the site’s manu. I expected to see lots of categories, but the manu have only 5 categories:

  • Settings
  • Subscribe
  • Login
  • Support
  • Legal

I clicked Subscribe to see what happens and is the normal subscribe option…until now. I put my name and e-mail and choose a password and then this appears


So in order to see something on her site I have to pay $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year and give her my credit card information for the payment. I don’t do this!


Now let’s do a little math. She have 89.6 millions followers on Instagram. If just 1 million of the followers subscribe to her website she will make 2.99 millions of dollars per month just from subscription. So she will make 24.99-34.88 millions per year from 1 million subscribers.

She charges for other “businesses” that she does, so why is necessary to charge for site subscription? I have a total of 154 blog subscribers, first of all it wouldn’t be fair to charge to subscribe to my blog and if I charge you $2.99 I would make $460.46 per month. Is a good amount of money to make without doing nothing. But I won’t charge you, I will let my subscribers access my blogs for free.

Another proof that Kim Kardashian is all about money and not caring for her fans that actually make her a millionair.

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