How to Find Your Calling

Sometimes you can do everything in your power to make yourself love the life you have. You can be a high school student, college student, someone with a career, or just anyone. Students who are trying to keep up with their grades may be looking for a school or career. You may already have career but maybe you just truly aren’t happy and feel lost in your life. This is because you can’t just find your personal calling. Not knowing your calling can cause your choices in life to not bring you the greatest happiness you can have, In actual fact, finding your calling can actually be as easy as choosing to do what you truly love to do. Here are some steps to help you find that calling you much long for.

Take a step back from life for a minute, This is  when you need to ask yourself “Am I happy?“, “Do I enjoy my work?”, “Do I like where I am in life and where I’m going?” Even if you do enjoy your life, something may be missing. This is when you need to figure out what it is.

Make a list of both the things you love and the things you hate. Think about your average day. Compare the love-hate list to your day. Does your day add up to satisfy you?

Take that list you created and think of your perfect day. Think of the job you would absolutely love. Think about your passion. Within this perfect day, is everything you love in there? Are some of the cons of that life in there? Is this really want you want? Can you tolerate that life?

Seek for a change or a sense of direction. Once you have the job/ life you are passionate about and would love in your head, if you are currently in school, your next step would to go to a counselor to talk to them about what path to get to the preferred career. If you are not in school, speak to a career coach and together work out the next steps you need to take.

Get started on making the change. Now you have a clear head and a path to follow, set out to complete the plan. Be cautious and smart about following through with the plan.

Remember to stay positive and expect speed bumps. Not everything works out at first. You may have to work your way up a ladder to get to the job you want and you may have to work quite a bit to get the life you wish for. Have fun on your adventure!

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