More about Star Destiny

Star Destiny uses numerology to determine person’s destiny and calling. This is used as a guideline to your destiny. Of course everyone have their own destiny and can’t be compared with others.

The information on this page is to be used for amusement and entertainment only. The readings and interpretations in this page and website are subordinate to your beliefs, your power to choose who and what you are now and will become, and to your actions and
inactions and the results thereof. No information received from any method of
divination is infallible. Your life is always your choice. It is up to you to judge the
usefulness of the readings and interpretations for yourself.

As you’re probably already aware, numerology reveals tendencies and likelihoods. If numerology and free will conflict, free will prevails.

The numerology calculations in this free reading are done from your name and your birth date (if you provided them both). Generally, the best readings are obtained when calculated from the full name as first recorded at birth.

The numbers obtained from the calculations are used to tap into the ambient ethereal energy that influences who we are and how we live our lives. Those energies are the essence of numerology.

The calculated numbers represent certain aspects of the ethereal energy. Those aspects are interpreted to make them understandable in relation to the numerology chart positions they apply to.

The interpretations are what you find in your free numerology reading. What you have here, then, is interpretations of the energy represented by the numbers calculated from your name and/or your birth date. The energy affects you. Depending on the energy, it manifests as a subtle inclination or a gentle urge.

The energy does not compel. Your free will can always override the influences. You rule your life. Your actions have a decided impact on what your future will be. And you have a numerology reading here that, although it’s meant to be entertainment only, may stimulate your mental processes in such a way that it ends up helping you make beneficial life decisions.

Below are the the categories of the reading:

Destiny — The energy represented by the destiny number is related to who and what you are or tend to be, the make-up of character and thoughts, the feelings about life, and the way life is approached. It is the essence of what is generally recognized as oneself. (The “destiny” number sometimes is referred to as the “expression,” “ultimate goal,” or “integrated self” number.)

Heart’s Desire — This energy brings an inner urge; a perpetual motivation. It reveals the type of characteristics or talent or other personal asset you likely feel impelled to acquire — for a sense of satisfaction of the inner urge. (The “heart’s desire” number sometimes is referred to as the “soul’s urge” or “inner urge” number.)

Personality — The energy represented by the personality number pertains to (1) how you are likely to present yourself to the world and (2) how life is approached. It provides a clue to what is likely to be welcomed wholeheartedly and, conversely, what is likely to be screened out.

Quiescent Self — This chart position provides insight into what you consider to be an ideal existence. A quiescent period is being immersed in oneself with personal perceptions of ideal existence (without outside influences) and experiencing the feelings and rewards and activities as if they exist in actuality. (The “quiescent self” number sometimes is referred to as the “inner dreams” number.)

Life Path — The energy represented by the life path number pertains to the types of events and circumstances likely to be experienced either persistently or intermittently during the course of your entire life. (The “life path” number sometimes is referred to as the “destiny” or “psychic” number.)

Personal Year (for this year) — When the personal year number changes, the influence of the energy represented by the number also changes. Internal urges shift. Different things feel important. Opportunities seem different. Life is somehow changed. The energy attracts certain type of events and circumstances during the calendar year. It affects the energy represented by the life path number, changing the experiences during the year — generally in a subtle way but sometimes in a way that can seem rather dramatic.

Personal Year (for next year) — The transition from one personal year’s resonance to the next isn’t a sudden change. It may be suddenly noticed, but the change happens gradually. Generally, the change begins a couple months before January, somewhere from mid-October to mid-November. The vibration of the upcoming personal year energy begins to commingle with the current personal year energy. The new energy becomes stronger the closer it gets to January 1st of the new year. By January 1st, the new energy is dominant. It may be a week or two into January before the previous year’s energy is dissipated, leaving only the new year’s energy.

To get your free reading click here and submit your e-mail, full name (at birth, before mariage), birth date ( or comment with your full name and birth date and get the reading as a reply to your comment.

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