10 rules for my social media accounts

I want to make this clear to don’t have discussion about why I delete comments, block accounts or unapprove comments on my blog.  So here are my rules and I think everyone should apply it too, we don’t have to approve and read everyone’s shits.

  1. Talk respectfully
  2. Your comments should reflect your genuine respectful and positive opinion on the posts/photo
  3. No self promotion allowed. I can’t stand people commenting especially on Instagram “Great post. Check out my page” or “For more motivation go to my profile“. If you want to advertise your account/business contact me for a sponsor post or an advertising deal + those types of comments don’t reflect a genuine opinion. It is just copy-paste to every photo they see.
  4. No follow for follow. If you follow my this mean you like my profile and I don’t have to follow you back.
  5. If you want to DM me on Instagram you have to have your profile public. I won’t follow you to see what you post.
  6. No phone numbers exchange
  7. I won’t contact you to see what you want. If you want a partnership with me you have to send me details of what you want and I will see if it meets my criteria.
  8. Sponsored posts or any type of advertising means you have to pay a certain amount to me before any ad will be published.
  9. No hate comments allowed.
  10. Every self-promotion comment will be deleted or reported as spam.

Simple and efficient rules 😉


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