NY NEW YORK AOLBorn Ariadnē-Anna Stasinopoúlou July 15, 1950.

Arianna Huffington (maiden name Stasinopoúlou is a Greek American author, syndicated columnist, occasional actress, and businesswoman.

Huffington was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, which is now owned by AOL. She was a popular conservative commentator in the mid-1990s, after which, in the 1990s, she offered liberal points of view in public, while remaining involved in business endeavors.

Destiny Number 1

The destiny is leadership, whether fulfilled or just desired. Although the person is likely to have an aura or essence of a leader, fulfilled leadership comes through the person’s own actions. Not by aggressive or dominant behavior, but by relying on inner strength, self-reliance, and determination. Originality and initiative can put the person in a place of authority or leadership. There also is a healthy respect for individuality. The person tends to be innovative and is often asked to lead, direct, and manage the affairs of people and organizations. With the powers of concentration and focus that come with the destiny, specifically defined and visualized goals can be achieved quickly and fully. The person is happy in a role of pioneer, explorer, creator, inventor, leader, director, or chief executive. Or editor of a periodical or intermittent publication — any role where they can determine how and when to fulfill it and especially roles that have the freedom to determine new directions or goals. They wish to be left unhampered to carry out their own ideas.

Heart’s Desire Number 8

The person tends to desire big undertakings — organizations, projects — and both the skills and physical resources to handle them. There’s a desire to be involved as a primary figure in organization, construction, finance, and large commercial operations. Success in material matters is deeply desired — living well, corporate management, building structures such as public buildings or roads, financial abundance. Happiness is doing things in a big way and getting results. The person tends to be generous, powerful, pragmatic, realistic, dependable, and a benefit to the society they operate in. Also efficient. And with a determination to succeed. Competition in business tends to bring forth a desire to be the best, better than the competition could become. There tends to be a strong desire to build something — a company, an institution, roads, and other things — that endure and are of value to society for a long time into the future.

Personality Number 2

Honest, trustworthy, cooperative, helpful, and diplomatic are the essence of this vibration. This person generally presents themselves as neat and clean, with a pleasing personality and a gentle manner. The person tends to adapt easily to varied circumstances and people from diverse backgrounds. People who want sincere advice tend to seek out this type of personality. The person can be subtle and work behind the scenes to accomplish desired ends, being successful more through diplomacy than by coercion. Maintaining relationships is a strong point, although the person realizes it does take more than just themself. A relationship is one situation where diplomacy is likely to be used.

Quiescent Self Number 2

During quiet contemplations of an ideal life, you’re likely to envision being surrounded by those you care for and who love you. The energy represented by the number 2 resonates with relationships — teamwork, romance, friendships, all aspects of coexistence. Thus, it may be common to imagine and cherish peaceful and harmonious companionship, relationships that protect and comfort you for the loving person you are. With reciprocation. You’re likely to see yourself quietly serving others in diplomatic and unobtrusive ways.

Life Path Number 1

The life path energy represented by the number 1 is independence. It tends to express itself along the lines of self-reliance and individuality. The energy includes keen perception and good concentration. Also originality, invention, will power, and courage. Ambition is a significant driving force. The person tends often to be alone. Aloneness is comfortable because the person realizes they have and are all that they need. As life is lived, events and circumstances tend to bring both challenges and opportunities to express free will, independence, and initiative. Some of those may persist for years, others may occur repetitively. The person is likely to be keenly perceptive and have good concentration. Originality, invention, will power, and courage are native to the life path 1 energy. The life path number 1 can attract a strong and individualized leadership position. If a formal, appointed leadership position, the person is likely to demand the right to act according to their own ideas and convictions. If an informal leadership, where the person’s expertise or accomplishments have placed them in a position of esteem, they tend to do things according to their own preference, as they always have, and expect others to follow or not, as they please.

Personal Year Number 5 (for 2017)

The energy represented by the numerology personal year number 5 brings the inclination to express a personal sense of freedom. This year, it is likely to be easier to get out of established habits and patterns of behavior than in most previous years, with a tendency to do so. It’s a year of changes because there’s a tendency to be interested in new things and to follow whim. The changes experienced this year can be thrilling and inspiring. New opportunities and new conditions tend to manifest in response to the year’s broader fields of interest and activity. There tends to be an inner push to go do something, anything, so long as it’s a new experience and an expression of the sense of personal freedom.

Personal Year Number 6 (for 2018)

The energy represented by the numerology personal year number 6 brings additional attention to domestic affairs and family-related responsibilities. It is a year of home, harmony, beliefs, and responsibility. It also tends to be a duty year, so to speak — being needed in many directions and people making more demands. It is also a year when maintaining harmony in the home tends to matter more. And being neighborly. There are likely to be enhanced feelings of goodwill. There tends to be more responsibility, love, self-sacrifice, protection of family members, sympathy, and compassion. And beauty.

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