How often did you asked yourself if your blog post is long enough?

With social media accounts is very easy to post your thoughts because it has a limit. On Twitter you can write only 140 characters, also Instagram have a limit and if your caption is too long it won’t appear under your photo, on Facebook you don’t want to write very long posts because people have to click “Read More” to read your full posts and most often they will just keep scrolling 🙂 and not read it.

But your blog don’t have a 140 character limit, so what is the right length for your blog post so your readers won’t get bored because is too long or frustrated because is too short and they didn’t get enough information. Well…This is how I do it:

I write by hand all of my blog posts. I always have a notebook and a pen to write down any idea that come into my mind. So a short, but not frustrated posts is like a half of an A4 page (or letter size) or 200-250 words. I consider the perfect post handwritten on a full A4 (or letter size) page and a long post a two A4 pages (one A4 sheet).

Of course if is a scientific post or an inspirational post it can be longer, but just sharing your thoughts, a one A4 sheet can be good enough.

What types of posts do you like to read? Comment below 😉

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