One day I was just wasting time on Youtube, bored and on my recommended section appears “Freddie Mercury Story: His tragic AIDS story (2016)” and I thought “Why not”. I heard from my mother that he died from AIDS when I was a kid, but back then no one talked about AIDS or gay people. We barely knew those words existed. This documentary title wake up my curiosity and clicked Play and this text appears on the screen: “This film contains some dramatisation based on actual or reported events. Be prepared for adult and sexual themes throughout and highly offensive language.” Now I know it will be an interesting documentary to watch.

After I finished watching this incredible and shocking documentary I came across Queen’s song “The show must go on” sang by Celine Dion at Billboard Music Awards 2016. Her performance was stunning. Click here to watch it Céline Dion – The Show Must Go On (Live on Billboard Music Awards 2016)

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