As every person that have to write every day I have moments when my head is completely empty and I don’t have any idea of what the next post would be. This is how I make a blog post: first I have the title of the post and then the content will follow. But there are moments when I don’t have a single letter in my head, so what I do in cases like this?

Is very simple 🙂 I use the internet. I watch Youtube, read blogs and sites waiting for something to click in my mind. The idea don’t come after the first video watched or the first article read, it can come at the middle of the day, at night or even after few months.

If you look at the calendar of posts on the right side, on December 2016 I posted only on 31st from the whole month. On November 2016 I posted only on 6th and October 2016 was the launching month where even then I didn’t posted daily. I posted only on 13 days from 24 (the blog was launched on October 8th 2016).

I simply couldn’t stay focused and motivated to post every day and I didn’t had post ideas.

You can find inspiration too by doing what I did. The post idea that can bring you thousands of views can come listening to music and suddenly you hear a verse that just click in your mind and BOOM, you have a new post idea. Or you can simply watch TV and hear on the news about a subject that you really like and worth to do a research and then post it on your blog. Also you can watch an old TV show or interview and get dozens of new ideas.

If you just stay and look at the walls of your room/office no idea will come. You have to search for inspiration as you did when you were in school and you looked at the end of your math  book for exercise’s answer  😀 I did that a lot, I hated math and I never was good at it.

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