I had in plan to publish other blog post, but I saw on my recommended section on Youtube this video. This guy pretends to be blind and he’s asking random people in New York and Dubai to change his 10 bill which actually is a 50 bill. The difference between these 2 locations is huge and here I don’t refere at the physical difference in kilometers or miles, I refer to people’s reactions to a blind man who ask for help.

The video start in Dubai where everyone stopped and helped him and told him that in his hand he have a 50 bill not 10 and some of them are agree to change the 50 bill in smaller bills. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

In New York is a total different story. Again he ask random people on the street to change his 10 dollar bill which is actually 50, but people’s reaction is…ignorance and indifference to a blind man who needs help. Then he ask the street singers and homeless people to change his 10 dollar bill. They saw is a 50 bill and told him, then he asked then to take the money from his wallet and to tell him what he have. Now we all expect a homeless man to count $181 and try to take some money because is obvious they need money to survive on the streets, but they didn’t steal from the wallet and put it all back in. This honesty and respect makes this guy to give every poor man $50.

Why people are so different in these 2 locations?

What would you did if this happened to you? Would you helped the blind man? Comment below and let me know what do you think about this experiment. 


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