I was thinking to make this post for a while now, but I wasn’t sure. Then I thought why not, if these books helped me maybe it will help you too. So here it is.

51v3tf-ijrl1My favourite book is The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind by Gustave Le Bon (7 May 1841 – 13 December 1931) and it was published in 1895. It’s amazing that a 122 years old book is still relevant and it continue to sell (#16 on Amazon’s best selling books). I started working with people a while a go and I was angry and frustrated that I didn’t understand them and I thought they didn’t understand me too. They didn’t saw simple and logical thinks and act like that thing never happened and looked like they simply refused to put their brain to work. Then I saw this book at a big online sale and I bought it. I was surprised to see how thin it was and I thought I’ve just wasted money on it. When I read the introduction I thought it’s all about history and almost regretted the purchase.

Then the first chapter “GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF CROWDS.—PSYCHOLOGICAL LAW OF THEIR MENTAL UNITY.” got me. The entire book helped me understand how the crowds think, act and react. And I’ve learned that the first information you give to the crowds is the only information they will believe it, no matter how many evidences and proofs you will bring after. And usually they will believe the messages that will give them a subject to discus about, no matter if that subject is true or not.

515hxfvkqel-_sx333_bo1204203200_Now I choose a business book Motivational Marketing: How to effectively motivate your prospects to buy now, buy more and tell their friends too! by Robert Imbriale published in 2003.

I studied marketing at one of the best universities, but I drop out because they didn’t teach enough about marketing. I did a lot of math, economic history, logistics, sport, statistics, accounting and so on. Based on what I’ve learned in university if I had to work on an advertising agency and have to make a campaign for, let’s say, a phone, I would have not know what to do, what to write, what colors to use. Simply I couldn’t did a successful advertising campaign.

This book tells you a little bit of the author’s story. He wasn’t an expert at marketing, Imbriale had a degree in photography, later he discovered the power of marketing. The book explains why people buy something instead of the other thing, where to place your products depending on how you want to sell. It’s an easy read, you can finish the book in 1-2 days and get a lot of information on how people buy.

41xtfmjdgmlThe next book is Pets and People: The psychology of Pet Ownership by Barrie Gunter published in 1999. This book is amazing! Is perfect for everyone who have a pet. Totally worth the price. The author made over 100 studies to show the benefit of having a pet and truly love him and treat your pet as a member of your family. Did you know that coming home and having a pet waiting for you can reduce heart diseases and mental disorders? You need to read this book to see how much your pet helps you.

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