Your situation is not as bad as you think. Find out why

I’m human too, just like you I complained about different situations in my life. I’m sure you complained about a neighbour, friend or family member having more money than you, and you have to live paycheck to paycheck, or they have a bigger and better car than you or simply their life is better than yours.

I live in Europe and we had a huge snowstorm and freezing temperatures. Finally the snow stopped but the roads and alleys are full of thick ice and is very hard to walk or drive. Every time I got out of my apartment I complained about the ice on the alleys between the block. I always walked to the left of the alley, but tonight a friend called me to get out because he have a present for my birthday (which is tomorrow) and he don’t have time to stay and come in. He parked the car at the right end of the street which I never walked on before.

On my left side is ice but with a little bit of snow on it and it makes it a little bit easier to walk on but the right side is crystal clear ice and you can easily broke a leg.

In that moment when I was trying to walk that alley to wait for my friend I realized that half of the neighbours have to cross that part every day to go to work and to come back home.

So my problem wasn’t as bad as my neighbours’. You have to think about this little story every time you think you have the biggest problems.

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