There are lots of self-help books, but sometimes you get confused when you start reading it and you think you wasted your money on that book, but actually that book contain a lot of useful information.

If you don’t like the foreword or introduction part no one force you to read it, just skip it and get right on the first chapter. I didn’t read the introduction on most of the books and I jump right to the first chapter.

Read at least one chapter and if you still think is not the right book for you, put it on the shelf, borrow it to a friend or ask a friend if he is interested in exchanging books with you. He might have books that you would like and he would love the book you didn’t liked. If you can’t exchange it just keep the book, there might be a moment in your life when that book will fits you like a glove.

If you are a beginner into self-help books or inspirational books I suggest you to buy from sales or choose a cheaper book until you will find what type of self-help books you like. You can read my post about What Is A Self-help Book

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    1. Thank you for taking time to read my post and comment.<3 As I said in my post look for sales. Doesn't worth spending $30 on your first book and then discover you don't like it. 🙂 Let me know what book you choose and if you liked it 😉

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