By the title you may think this is a joke or a game, but is the reality. If you were lucky to be the beautiful and popular one you don’t know what staring can do to some people.

I’m sure it happened to you to walk on the street and turn around and look at a person because he/she had beautiful clothes, nice shoes, long hair, was tall, short or had a handicap.

People who know you stare at them because they have nice things they like it, but how about people who know they are different and you stare at them because of that?

People who have a different appearance feel an enormous pressure from the society because of how they look. Those people don’t feel comfortable in their bodies and with you staring and discussing about them can bring them in a deep stage of depression, shame, guilt, it makes them want to hide and the worst is that your stare can lead to suicide.

So is a big deal staring at people.  Not everybody can face people’s criticism and ridicule. Be kind everyone has a soul like you have.

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