I saw a documentary about ancient Egypt and sexuallity. The documentary was about an ancient papyrus that was discovered. It wasn’t just a classic papyrus, it was an erotic papyrus. Some people say it could be an erotic magazine for that era, as we have now Playboy, but no one knows for sure the meaning of the erotic papyrus.

Beside the papyrus there are a lot of erotic symbols. They have it on the walls of the temples.


And ancient egyptian who worked on a temple drew this erotic graffiti at one of the walls showing their queen having sex with a man. They did this to show they are not agree for a female to lead the Egypt.


Another wall have a naked erect man


What intrigued me is that they didn’t make a big deal on how the women looked, they focused on making the man’s penis unrealistically big. Thinking about the above picture where they drew the queen having sex as a disrespect for a woman to lead the country, is relevant to make the man look “prettier”.

But there is more about these erotic scenes. Ancient egyptians believed in reborn and to be reborn you have to have sex this is why their pyramid and temple’s walls were full of erotic symbols. Those symbols were kept hidden from the public. Until a few years ago not even archeologists and historians had access to those sex images.

They have even their gods painted as having sex to populated the planet.


The fertility god

The erotic papyrus have images with older men having sex with younger women. There are evidences that the women were under the influence of drugs by having a lotus flower above their heads (some drugs are extracted from lotus).


The man grab the woman by the hair , the most erotic part at that time, and have sex in different positions and with different objects. There are girls that use an anfora to masturbate while playing with lipstick, another erotic gesture.

Seeing those images is hard to understand why many parents stryugle to tell their kids/teenagres about sex.

Sex is more taboo now than it was in ancient Egypt and I wonder why?

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