os-riscos-da-anorexia-14This is not a rare disease, but is not talked about too much. I think anorexia nervosa is an upgraded depression. Patients said that having anorexia is like having 2 people in 1 body.

Mostly affects girls between 10-30 years old, but recently boys start suffering from anorexia too.

Behavior and why they starve themselves:

  • They are all looking for validation. They want to be pretty and told they are good enough.
  • They want to be a role model for others
  • They want attention
  • They want to stand out
  • They want to be part of a group/community
  • They want to do something to keep them busy
  • They need something to focus on
  • They need goals to achieve
  • They need to be seen and get out of anonymous
  • They need to be appreciated
  • They are looking for perfection. They were perfectionists before anorexia started
  • They are looking for acceptance. They want to be the size they think everyone like and accepts
  • They want to be in control of something. Many patients reported that the only thing they could control was the amount of food they eat and the weight they lost, and even if they eat or not.
  • They want to be thin. They don’t know how thin they want to be, they just have a general concept of needing to be thin.
  • They want to fit in other people’s normality. The media said is normal and beautiful to be a particular size and they wanted that size, no matter if is not the right and healthy size for them.
  • They have exaggerated feelings. Due to the depression that come together with the starvation process, they tend to feel that they are not good enough, to get sad by no reason, to think everyone is against them, that no one understand them. If they are asked why they want to be thin, they can’t give a clear and coherent answer.
  • They won’t listen and won’t believe anyone’s warnings that their starvation is dangerous, unhealthy  and  deadly.
  • They will hide food everywhere they can.
  • They will refuse to eat even though you insisted.
  • They will over exercise to burn calories and lose weight faster
  • Some of them will even refuse to drink water believing that water have calories.
  • They will throw up everything they eat
  • They are scared of food and will become paranoid


  • Depression
  • Society
  • “Ugliness” – they want to be beautiful and fit to what other people and media think is beautiful.
  • “Fat” – they develop and altered sense of reality and no matter how much weight they will lose they will still consider themselves fat.
  • Abandon – they are more likely to develop any mental disorder if they are abandoned by parents, family and friends and they will think that losing weight and becoming “prettier” people will come back to them.
  • Loneliness
  • Overweight – who was overweight will tend to become extremely underweight
  • TV – they see on TV lots of skinny celebrities who are considered beautiful and they will take them as role models.
  • Home environment – a tense, aggressive, insecure home atmosphere will make them develop mental disorders
  • Love life – if they were left by their partner because they weren’t pretty enough will make them lose weight to become “prettier”
  • Social life
  • Vulnerability – people to sensitive at any type of critics will try to be as perfect as possible to no one will ever criticizes them
  • Family heritage – anorexia can be genetic. If someone in the family suffered from anorexia is likely to pass it on
  • Low level of serotonin – serotonin keeps the brain healthy and help the mood of a person, with a low level of serotonin sadness, paranoia and all bad feelings start to take over that person’s thoughts. Increasing the serotonin level is also recommended
  • Mentally, verbally or sexually abuse
  • Inside pain
  • Bullying

Is very important that the person who suffers from anorexia wants to get better, otherwise forced eating won’t work. They need to find a motivation to eat and get better. They also need to be appreciated, even for a little bite that they eat,this will give them courage to continue the treatment.

Many patients say anorexia is like another person living inside and tells them what to do. Some of them need a wake up call. If they weren’t hospitalized yet, they need to see how it is inside the hospital and being ill. Talk to a doctor to allow them to see inside the hospital. Sometimes hospitalization can be a wake up call.

Consider contacting a team of specialists and register to a specialized clinic to treat anorexia.  Consider meeting with people who recovered or are currently recovering from anorexia to hear their stories and to have someone who understands what they are going through.

If you want to share your success recovery from anorexia and inspire other people e-mail me at allyxoxoblog@yahoo.com. You can also e-mail me if you need someone to talk too and share your thoughts in private. I hope this article helped you ❤

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  1. This post is extremely accurate. Mine started in sixth grade when a girl told me, “you have the fattest thighs I’ve ever seen.” I started to compare myself and found myself disappointed. I always said to myself, “If I can’t be the smart one or the pretty one, I want to be the skinny one.” I got to a point in which my heart was stopping and I weighed about as much as a seven year old and they threw me into the hospital and debated whether or not it should have been hospice. I’ve been in and out of the hospital three times for an ED and it’s all because a girl in sixth grade called me fat. I’m far worse mentally than I was before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your story and I’m very happy that all the effort and time I’ve put in research for this article bring up a true observation. In my research I included children and adults both Boys and girls.

      I struggled with how I looked too since elementary school. I was extremely skinny and bullied and criticized from my appearance. Being skin and bones and tall was very odd in my school. In high school I realized that I’m different and I should help people pass this dark period in their life. In my early twenties I finally started having a normal weight and being happier and feeling full of life.

      The way you look makes you unique and you shouldn’t try to fit in other people’s normality.

      If you want to talk to me and work together to start your new life, contact me with a private message on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ally-xoxo-1714879291887632/
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/allyxoxoblog
      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allyxoxoblog/
      Or e-mail me at allyxoxoblog@yahoo.com
      Don’t worry, it’s all free, the best payment for me is to see you get your life back. I’m always here for you, whenever you want to talk ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m always here ❤ My mission is to help you see life different, in a positive way. Whenever you need to talk to someone contact me . All the best!
        P.S: Life is more than a look or a certain shape or weight 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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