When you say “addiction” many people think about drugs or alcohol. but there are more addictions than you think and here are a few.


Food is an addiction that everyone can afford, but is a deadly addiction as drugs. I consider a food addict a person who eats more than the body needs, as confort. Many food addicts were sexually abused when they were little and use food as a comfort, as something that give them a safe pleasure and happiness. Some of them think that if they will get bigger they will be strong enough to protect themselves from another abuse and they turn into abusers themselves by abusing food and develop diseases and gain so much weight that is life threatening.


This type of addiction decrease or make fully dissapear the social life. People don’t communicate face to face anymore, children will spend more time in front of a display than playing outside, less hours of sleep. And the chances to be scammed are bigger in virtual world than in real life. You can be financially or emotionally scammed.


Everyone dreams of having a big brand bag, jewelry or shoes, but not everyone can afford. There are people who will spend every money they earn on luxury accessories, some of them will even sell their bodies to make the money for it or to receive it as gift, just to have a higher social status.  But in reality they really don’t need that $1000 designer bag.


Money is the biggest and most dangerous drug now. The world opens to you easier if you have money and of course you need money to survive. Some people will have a normal job and earn enough to pay their bills, but some of them will do everything is possible to get more money, that’s when the addiction starts.


Is great to have a big beautiful car, but to get it just for social status and you actually don’t need it and you can’t afford it, that’s an addiction. Having more cars than you need is an addiction too. Is the same situation with the house.


Everyone want to relax and visit new places, but going to expensive places that you can’t afford just to post on social media and pretend to be richer than you are for a higher social status is an addiction.


Who doesn’t like a fluffy cute face that give you unconditional love? But when you get more animals than you can afford financially, you don’t have enough space for them and enough time, that’s when the addiction starts. You collect animals like you would collect toys.


By our nature we need friends, but when you accept every person to be around you even though they are not good for you just to pretend you have friends, you have a problem and you have to get rid of these fake friends.


With photoshopped bodies everywhere is hard to don’t get addicted to your appearance and what to make it perfect. But you have to know that your flaws is what makes you unique. Who wants a world full of the same looking people where you can’t stop the difference anymore? I don’t want that 😉


Everything is getting sexier than before with the porn industry booming, of course.

If you suffer from any type of addiction contact me anytime for a free online therapy session. 🙂 ❤

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