This post idea came when I realize it took me 2-3 months to finish reading a 130 pages book and at the end of the book I didn’t remember what I’ve read because the reading sessions had so much time between it and I forgot everything.

Then this idea came in my mind: How about making a habit and read 10 pages/day everyday 😉 and here is how I organized my book…

I take some page flags. You can choose any page flags you like


Then I count 10 sheets from the book, right when the first chapter starts and put the first page flag and then count another 10 sheets and put the second page flag. Like this:


Each page flag means one day of reading. Here is how my 263 pages book look like…


This means I will finish the book in 12 days 🙂

Of course you can color code the days and put any type and color of page flags you like. You can also write the initial of each day on the flags so you can keep tracking the days easier.

I hope this helps you and enjoy your reading! ❤

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