I think this is the second test that I post on my blog in my mission to help you know yourself better. 🙂 Check you The personality test . This test have 12 questions with 3 options to answer. You have to choose ONE option from A, B and C that fits you the best. Then count the As, Bs and Cs and the one that got the most chooses shows the way you communicate: Visual (A), Auditory (B) or Sentimental (C). Write the letters on a piece of paper to be easier to keep tracking. Let’s start:

  1. What makes you believe that someone lie to you?

A. The way he look – or avoid – to look at you

B. Voice tone

C. You suspect his sincerity

2. How do you know you had a good day at work?

B. A productive meeting or good news at the phone

A. An organized desk or a daily list where everything is marked down

C. An interior shining, a smile and a feeling of profound satisfaction

3. What types of activities do you like on vacation? 

C. Being lazy on the beach and to swim to cool down

B. Go at a concert or a seminar about culture and local history

A. Visit museum and art galleries

4. What of the following hobbies do you like the most?

A. Cinematography, photography, art, interior design

C. Sport, sculpture, cooking, gardening

B. Playing a musical instrument, listen to music or an audio book, singing

5. What type of TV shows you like?

C. Shows about nature and animals

A. How an artist works

B. A concert

6. What type of spoiling do you like?

B .A radio dedication made by a celebrity that you admire

A. A weekend somewhere far where you’ve never been before

C. A meal with your favourite food , a good wine and a pleasant company

7. What is the best way to relax after a busy day?

A. Watch something relaxing, like a candle light

C. A massage with aromatherapy

B. Talk with a friend

8. If you want to thank someone that he helped you, how would you do it?

B. Call to say how grateful you are

C. Give a bottle of his favorite drink or a perfume

A. Write a thank you letter

9.  What types of jobs interest you the most? 

A. Artist or TV designer

B. Lecturer, sales agent or professional speaker

C. Gardener, nurse/assistant or counselor

10. What accessories you prefer to have in the house?

B. Wind bell, background music, wall clock

A. Lots of photos, light, a focus point (like a fire place)

C. Medleys , soft pillows, soft and comfortable chairs

11. What type of magazine you like to read?

C. Interior design, sport or DIY

B. Music or current news

A. Art, photography or fashion

12. How would you decipline a naughty child? 

A. Looking sternly at him or frowning

C. Punishing, like no more spending money

B. Yeling or having a severe tone

So what letter you choose the most?

A. ………………………. (vizual)

B. ……………………….(auditory)

C. ………………………..(sentiment/feeling)


People who are visually stand up or sit down, head straight, eyes looking up and will breath from the upper part of the lungs. They use to stay at the edge of the chair. They are organized, they care about how they look, are more silent than other people. They write very well, they have a photographic memory and they can’t be distracted very easy by the noise.  They may have a problem with verbal instructions and they are bored by long explanations. They like to see information as a table or diagram.


Someone with auditory preference will move his eyes from side to side and will have the head aside when he listen. Breaths from the middle of the chest. Often move his lips when he thinks and talk with themselves.  They are easily distracted by the noise. Talking is easier than writing or math. The like music and learn by listening, memorize by using steps, procedures and sequences.


There are 2 types of people who “feels”. First type have down shoulders, they move and talk slowly. They are relaxed, calm. The second type is more active, have strong gestures when he talks. Both type will use feelings to receive a reaction of what they do, so they can have a natural intuition.

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