It’s a big trend now to have and wear necklaces with your name on them. The necklace can be from silver, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.

I’m a huge jewelry lover since I was a kid and my collection keep growing, but I can’t understand why you want to wear a gold rectangle with your name on it? You don’t know your name?

You walk on the street and people will be like, her name is Emma or Nicole or Michelle…Do you really want the people to know your name?

From all the beautiful jewelry , some of them are a piece of art, you choose a solid rectangular with your name 😐 Really?! I don’t understand this

I also don’t understand the need to tattoo your own name. You really need to walk around with your name on your body? When people will ask who’s name is it? you will reply “Mine. I just tattoo my own name in case I will forget it when I will be 85”  I love tattoos and from all the art that you can get , you choose your own name 😐 

I don’t get this. Explain it to me. Maybe I’m too stupid to understand it by myself and I need someone to explain it to me.

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