As I promised, here is the unboxing of my new 6 crystal pens. Sorry for being a little late with posting it . Go to my Facebook Page to watch the unboxing video 🙂

I have to warn you that crystal pens are addicting. When you buy your first crystal pen the sparkle from the crystals will became an addiction and it will look pretty on your desk in your pen holder. My collection have 13 crystal pens now 😀


I’m sure you already love the sparkle 🙂

This is how my new pens were packed. The box was smashed and I have to try to put it back together for this photo, glad it was wrapped in bubble wrap and the pens didn’t broke.


I’ve waited for these 6 pens 56 days, a long time for me. And now I’m waiting for 2 silver rings and 1 pair of earring and 1 fake fur hat to arrive, so let me know if you want me to do an unboxing for the jewelries too 🙂

Here is how the pens look

*This post is not sponsored, I purchased the pens with my own money.

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