I’m not a big fan of gold, I prefer silver for jewelry and other accessories, but I saw on internet and in stores a lot of rose gold and marble accessories and some girls are totally obsessed with it. They buy that thing even if they don’t need it, just because is rose gold or marble or a combination of rose gold and marble.

They don’t buy it just because it looks pretty, if we look deeper, since centuries gold and marble were the signs of abundance and financial power and a higher social status. Of course no one thinks “I buy this rose gold pen or notebook to show I’m better or richer than other people”. You buy it because in your eyes that notebook looks cute and maybe will match your desk color theme, but deep inside our brain, even without conscious knowledge, you want to be better, richer and different than other people, that’s how the brain works and is nothing wrong with wanting to be better.

And there you have it 🙂 I want this post to be short and not getting into the history of gold and marble and all that psychological effect. I prefere this post to be short so everyone can understand it 😉

If you have questions let them in a comment below ❤ Wish you a Happy Sunday! :*

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