Liebster Award #2

I’ve been nominated to Liebster Award!

I want to gave a huge thanksRebeccafromThe studies of a classical violinistfor nominating me for the Liebster Award. This my second award since I started blogging, hope you check out her blog, she has a huge ideas in baking.

The Facts About Me

  1. I loved cooking and experimenting new dishes especially dessert.
  2. I like to sing but I don’t have nice voice that why love to listen music
  3. I spend my free time to watch Fashion Magazines, then I can create my own fashion, sometimes I do make dress,skirts on my own.
  4. I like watching cooking tv programs to get some ideas and techniques in cooking.
  5. In my exercise routine I do bicycle, last year my honey bought me a new bicycle, sometimes I go to gym too.
  6. I loved travel to explore some other places and to taste various authentic foods.
  7. I love dog, that’s…

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