A few days ago I saw a series of documentary on TV about wars. It wasn’t about a particular war. The series showed all kind of wars that we experienced in our human history.

I’m totally ok with fighting to keep the country’s independency and don’t let intruders in, but I’m not agree with destroying buildings, stores, schools, museums and destroy people’s lives and kill their family and children.

I think a war should be political , discussing and negotiating not killing and bombarding innocent citizens that have no fault and idea about why they have to face that war. I still can’t understand how everyone who is involved and especially run the war can intentionally kill innocent citizens to prove to the political side of that country that they are stronger and dangerous.

During a war they don’t attack politicians and army members as they do with citizens. So they attack people who don’t have any war preparation, no education how to survive and protect themselves.

In a war they show how good they are by how much they destroy. And what really intrigued me while I was watching one of the documentaries, is the use of uranium. When they drop an uranium bomb, they are not just destroying buildings in that explosion, they destroy people’s lives for generations from the radiations of that bomb. Women give birth to children with rare and strange malformations or children die at birth.  That child or woman had no guilt of that war to face these hard consequences.

They show that even army members suffer from the uranium radiations. From 20 members only 1 survived.

After seeing those documentaries I started asking different questions to myself, which for sure will be answered:

  • Do we really need wars?
  • Why simple people have to suffer the most in a war?
  • Why wars should be so destructive?
  • Who start and actually enjoy the war is mentally stable?

After spending some time studying how we think and why we take that decision instead of taking other decision, I came to the conclusion that who start and really enjoy a war by killing innocent people is a sick, psychotic person.

What do you think about wars? Are they really necessary those days?

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