Every time you log in into social media this is how you feel ⇓


This is how we all feel, normal users ⇒

Spams often come as comments on your posts or private messages. The thing that annoys me is when I follow someone on Twitter and I get an automatic private message telling me to visit their site or a sponsored site or even telling me to click a link and buy followers. This is annoying because they really  didn’t notice me following them, all they want is money. I received those types of messages from big companies, big blogger and sites which they already make lots of money by what they do and is not necessary to spam their followers.

Now let’s speak about Facebook . Spammers are all over the place there. When you start being a little popular on Facebook spammers will bombard your page with spam comments. First they will comment on every post telling people to click that link to make money online, then they will message you with porn links (which contain a virus to hack your account) telling you to click there to see a girl get f*cked. If you really want to see porn, you can do it on TV (on adult channels) or online. There are free sites that offer adult videos for free and you are not forced to make an account there. I will talk about this on a new post because this was one of the most requested blog post.

And now we have Instagram . Here we can make the comparison between good and bad spam. Let’s start with the bad spam. When you reach 100 followers that’s the moment when spamming start. Spammers will comment at every photo you post telling people to click that short link to get lots of followers, another comment is something like “Follow me” or “Follow me for daily posts” or the newest one, they spread it in 2 comment “Want followers?” “Check my bio”, both comments posted in only 1-2 seconds. Let’s talk about the good spam. I consider this good, kind of inoffensive spam comments that doesn’t share links or ask for follow. This is the kind of spam most real users use to get noticed. They comment on your photos : “Love it”, “Like it”, “Brilliant” , “Keep going”, “Post more of this”, “Amazing”, “Cool stuff” or even a little emoji. So if you check their account and like what they post you can like some of their photos or even follow them.

I don’t like spams on my social media because I prefer my followers and readers to see genuine opinions of real people and to don’t get fooled to pay for followers or click infected links. So I try my best to delete, report and block those spammers, unfortunately not all of them get deleted. Because of the spam comments I set up approval of my blog’s comments and I daily check my social media to make sure I delete all the bad spams. On my blog I received over 400 spam comments and only under 100 genuine comments, but I prefer to read your opinion instead of scrolling hundreds of spams. I hope you appreciate my effort to keep it safe and real. Wish you all a happy Sunday!

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