title year author topic
Act like a Lady, Think like a Man 2009 Steve Harvey relationship
As a Man Thinketh 1902 James Allen
Women Who Love Too Much 1985 Robin Norwood relationship
The Butterfly Garden 2008 Chip St. Clair
I Will Teach You To Be Rich 2009 Ramit Sethi success
Codependent No More 1986 Melody Beattie relationship
How to Stop Worrying and Start Living 1948 Dale Carnegie optimism
Your Erroneous Zones 1976 Wayne Dyer health
Dress for Success 1975 John T. Molloy success
The 100-Mile Diet 2007 Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon health
The Easy Way to Stop Smoking 2006 Allen Carr health
How to Win Friends and Influence People 1936 Dale Carnegie success
The 48 Laws of Power 1998 Robert Greene success
I’m Dysfunctional, You’re Dysfunctional 1992 Wendy Kaminer anti-self-help
The Magic of Thinking Big 1959 David Schwartz success
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 1997 Robin Sharma health
The Power of Positive Thinking 1952 Norman Vincent Peale optimism
Psycho-Cybernetics 1960 Maxwell Maltz
The Secret 2006 Rhonda Byrne optimism
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People 1989 Stephen Covey success
Think and Grow Rich 1937 Napoleon Hill success
Unlimited Power 1986 Anthony Robbins success
You Can Heal Your Life 1984 Louise Hay health
Waking the Tiger 1997 Peter A. Levine health

Usually, books about positive thinking or optimism will reveal how an improved attitude will also lead to a more successful and healthy live. Health books tend to have at least a significant part on spirituality. Thus, the distinction in types above is slightly artificial and only based on the main tone of the book. In general, most of those books are or were bestsellers in their time and all aim at personal development with slightly different emphasis.

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