Every organ in your body is responsible for your mood and behavior

A psychological approach is a distinct way of describing, observing, understanding and predicting any given psychological phenomena. Includes assumptions about what drives human behavior, how disorders develop and treatment prescriptions.

Biological perspective

Based on the assumption of materialism (all behavior has a psychological basis):

  1. An understanding of biochemical processes will give an understanding of psychological and social phenomena.
  2. Physical structures and hereditary processes determine behavior or behavior potential.
  3. Physical/physiological interventions can alter mental processes and behavior.
  4. Root cause of abnormalities and disorders lies in biology and requires medical intervention.

diagramdiagram 2Diathesis-stress theory

Predisposition -> diathesis (including genes) and stressful environment combine together to cause abnormal behavior.

Traits are influenced by genes and by environment. Very small amounts of certain chemicals in the body can cause profound changes in behavior.

diagram 3Neurotransmitters 

The synapse of the neuron releases a special chemical called “neurotransmitters“. More than 50 neurotransmitters exist in human body.

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