First , I want to apologize for not being present here in the last weeks. I was busy creating and launching Soul Relief Session, a blog what is more centered on understanding human behavior and the causes of mental disorders and abnormalities, to help you understand yourself.


Soul Relief Session came alive from my genuine wish to help. This is the main reason why my conversation, counseling and support sessions are at least twice cheaper than other people’s sessions. A psychologist or therapist will charge you from $50 up to $250 for 1 session, If you go to their office you can spend $250 for just 1 hour of conversation.

I choose to charge only $29/ session and the reason is very simple. Is an online conversation/chat and I can do it from the comfort of my home, so I don’t have to pay a rent for an office or employees. So I don’t have big expenses that I have to cover fom you money. And my goal is to help you, not to make you broke. Also because you pay your sessions you give the chance for someone who can’t afford it to get free help. Yes, I do free sessions for people that know they need help but they can’t afford it.

Statistics say that 87% of people who need mental support don’t receive it and unfortunately, one of the reasons are money and I want to change this! If you need mental help you don’t have to stay at home and suffer because you can’t afford it, contact me and I can help you for free.

The sessions are available worldwide, we will discuss only in English, payment for every session is through Paypal (4 sessions payed at once give you a $16 discount), no medication will be prescribed (for this you need to see a psychiatrist or a doctor) and most of the time people don’t need medication, is enough your wish and determination to change yourself into a better person. You will feel like you are talking with your bestfriend.

Visit  Soul Relief Session today and get your healing sessions. You deserve help!

My mission is to reunite you with your soul.

Ally xoxo


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