I just created my Youtube channel Ally’s Lessons! 🙂

I know some people like to read blog posts, but some prefer to listen and this is why I decide to create my Youtube channel, to help more people. Is not a typical vlog channel. I don’t show my face in the videos, so you won’t spend time looking at me. You can press play and do your homework, cook, do laundry, clean the house or whatever you have to do and learn something at the same time.

How human mind work (1)The first video is about how we think and how our organs are responsible for your mood. Click here to WATCH



How human mind work (1)And for the second video I decided to post my Anorexia blog post. Now you can listen to it too. Click here to WATCH



If you want me to talk about something, let me know in a comment. The channel is open to talk about everything. Nothing is too weird for me 😉

Please SUBSCRIBE  to my Youtube channel to learn together. ❤


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