Many people think to start a blog to earn an income or just share their thoughts. You choose a blogging platform, choose a theme for your blog, upload your logo (if you want to have a logo) and post your first post. Looks very simple, right? Well...Everyone who starts a blog want an audience, otherwise … Continue reading HOW BLOG WORLD SHOULD BE

How to know your blog post is long enough

How often did you asked yourself if your blog post is long enough? With social media accounts is very easy to post your thoughts because it has a limit. On Twitter you can write only 140 characters, also Instagram have a limit and if your caption is too long it won't appear under your photo, … Continue reading How to know your blog post is long enough

Be a Good Blogger

It's a lot of fun to blog, but it can get old fast if no one is visiting! Getting your blog to the top of the search engines for your main key phrases should be your goal to make this traffic happen. Keep in mind that it will take time, but it's very possible. Steps: … Continue reading Be a Good Blogger