Italian Leafy Green Salad

Prep: 15 m Ready In: 15 m Recipe By:Robyn Webb Ingredients 2 cups romaine lettuce - torn, washed and dried 1 cup torn escarole 1 cup torn radicchio 1 cup torn red leaf lettuce 1/4 cup chopped green onions 1/2 red bell pepper, sliced into rings 1/2 green bell pepper, sliced in rings 12 cherry tomatoes 1/4 … Continue reading Italian Leafy Green Salad

Grapefruit and Avocado Salad

Prep: 25 m Ready In: 25 m Recipe By:Sugar-n-Spice Ingredients 4 large red grapefruit, peeled and sectioned 4 avocados - peeled, pitted, and sliced 1/3 cup orange juice 1/3 cup olive oil 3 tablespoons lime juice 2 tablespoons honey salt and cracked black pepper to taste Directions Arrange the grapefruit sections and avocado slices attractively in a … Continue reading Grapefruit and Avocado Salad


Serves: serves 2-3 Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil about 1 cup sliced leeks 2 cloves of garlic, minced 1.5 cups chopped mushrooms splash of sherry vinegar or white wine vinegar 1 14 oz. can tomatoes (up to) 14 oz. water a few generous pinches of saffron ½ - 1 teaspoon paprika (smoked or sweet) ½ … Continue reading SAFFRON COUSCOUS & SPINACH STEW


Serves: serves 3-4 as a side, Ingredients for the dashi: a piece of dried kombu, about 2x3 inches 4 cups water for the soup: 4 cups dashi 3-4 tablespoons white miso paste 1 teaspoon grated ginger ¼ cup chopped scallions ½ cup sliced shiitake mushrooms 4 small turnips, quartered ½ chopped carrots ½ cup firm … Continue reading GINGER MISO SOUP WITH TOKYO TURNIPS


Serves: serves 4 Ingredients splash of olive or grapeseed oil 2 small shallots, chopped 3 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped ½-1 jalapeño, de-seeded and chopped 4 teaspoons chile powder 3 cups black beans, cooked, drained (reserve a few for garnish) 4 cups low sodium vegetable stock up to ½ cup water, if necessary for blending … Continue reading SPICY BLACK BEAN SOUP